International Undergraduate Summer School

2 July 2022 to 26 August 2022


The deadline for submission is midnight 17 Jan 2022 (GMT). For eligibility see Conditions of Award.

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Applicants should be registered on a degree course. Students in their first or final year of study are not eligible.

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Science projects

Select 3 projects. The selected projects will not be ranked and you may be allocated any of the projects selected

Project Details A B C
Molecular mechanisms of starch synthesis in plants and applications for improving crop quality
Investigating plant immune receptors
Assessing the power of SNPs to distinguish wild and agricultural beet rust pathogens
Boosting nutrition in wheat
Can molecular genetics help feed 10 billion people?
Cell-to-cell communication during pathogen attack
Combatting childhood enteric disease in Africa and Asia through computational genomics
Epigenetic regulation of plant sexual reproduction
Exploring the evolution of plant-pathogen interactions
Genetic lockdown of root disease: improving the benefits of nitrogen-fixing crops
Genomic variation underpinning the control of metabolism in pea
How do living organisms tell the time?
How do we protect wheat from a cereal killer?
How to get radial; unlocking the mechanisms for symmetry establishment in plant organ
Identifying novel sources of genetic resistance to a devastating soybean pathogen
Inference and simulation of gene regulatory networks
Interactions between plants and the plant pathogen Phytophthora
Investigating how Pseudomonas bacteria colonise plant root systems
Molecular biology of plant-insect interactions
Nuclear calcium signalling in biotic interactions
RNA sequencing and expression analysis to identify differential genes and pathways between contrasting conditions in crops
Shaping Diversity
Structural Biology of host:pathogen interactions
Sustainable crop protection using antibiotic-producing Streptomyces bacteria
The ABC of fruit shape formation
Understanding how fungi cause disease in plants
Wheat Genetics
Zooming in on bacterial cell division identification and microscopic analyses of novel cell division proteins in the antibiotic producing bacteria Streptomyce

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